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This top 5 guns video for when the man comes is satire, but seriously, you need to own any or all of these firearms before the man does come!

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In this article:

  1. When the Man Comes, Will You Be Ready?
  2. These Are the Top 5 Guns for When Worse Comes to Worst

Top 5 Guns for the Absolute Worst Situations

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When the Man Comes, Will You Be Ready?


The Man can be any threat from violent biker gangs to a horde of zombies and an army of enforcers out to take your guns to a mob of looters. They are the very stuff of our worst nightmares and post-apocalyptic fears.

What do you need most to defend yourself from the powers that be? What guns are best for this situation?

This featured video from Irag Veteran 8888 presents top 5 guns you need for your hypothetical post-apocalyptic gun stash.

*Disclaimer* This video from Irag Veteran 8888 is satire. It is not meant to be taken seriously!

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These Are the Top 5 Guns for When Worse Comes to Worst

Rick Grimes from AMC’s Walking Dead carries an old-fashioned Colt Python, a .357 Magnum Caliber six-shooter. But I’m sorry to break it to you, while it’s sexy and powerful, it isn’t on this list.

We need more than six shots per round if we are to fight the Man. We also need the shots to be extra powerful if we want a one shot one kill goal to save on ammo.

Well, we do have a handgun entry in this list though, and we think you will agree with this one as possibly the best survival handgun. If you want a shotgun, a rifle or a high-powered firearm, these are great choices here.

The entry for the ultimate survival gun will give you the chills a gun enthusiast gets when checking out a lineup of pretty firearms.

Check out this video from Irag Veteran 8888 to learn about the top 5 guns for when The Man comes to get you:

While we can still make light and fun of the possible survival scenarios in the future, we ought to know our top 5 guns for survival now before those seriously horrific scenes play out indeed.

On a serious note, these firearms can have real-world applications with threats to the 2nd amendment. So, before the Man comes to get you tomorrow or in the foreseeable future, get your survival gun stash organized now.

What do you think of the top 5 gun picks in this video? Do you agree or do you have a better one in mind? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section below!

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