This May Be The Coolest 1911 That You’ll Seen


If you’ve been around firearms for any amount of time, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that most all 1911 pistols look the same. Of course, that’s because they are all, basically, the same model of pistol by different manufacturers. Still, there are people out there who want something a little different.

Enter the Bul Amroy Spike 1911, pictured above with the spikes near the rim of the barrel. I won’t make any claims that the extra stylings on this pistol are practical or for normal usage (if you want to stick someone with something, why not carry a knife or put a bayonet on your rifle?), but that doesn’t change the fact that this appeals to my impractical but cool cravings for something somewhat out of a Mad Max movie.

A writer only going by Mike has this to say about this pistol:

Some people who just got into guns will be like “WHOA CRAZY” when the see pictures of this thing, but being a seasoned student of the gun internet since Al Gore invented it I can tell you that this is not surprising at all.  I actually am surprised that they didn’t come out with a flashy video to accompany the release of the gun… you know like showing how you can carry it unloaded then awkwardly pull it out and load it when you want to shoot (Israeli style).  Yoooo and horse stance 😭😂 I just remembered this wild post demoing that [horse stance], where I called the dude Kosher Costa.  Good times good times.

I don’t see this SPIKE for sale on the Bul Armory website, but they do have a massive picture in the top slider calling it a special edition.  I can’t imagine and practical use for a 1911 with spikes…. well maybe one… if it jams in a CQB situation you can just stab someone with it 🤷‍♂️

Again, I won’t claim that the Spike 1911 has any more practical usage than a normal, run-of-the-mill 1911, but it will be an interesting addition to your collection when you get one.

This article was first published on Prepared Gun Owners

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