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Get the 411 on the Taurus pistol recall here so you can take the necessary steps in case you own one!

What You Need to Know About the Taurus Pistol Recall


The Taurus Pistols

You either love ’em or you hate ’em, but Taurus pistols have been around for a while now. They always come under fire for making junk semi-autos that do not perform when they should, though.

They’re no Walther PPK. Unless you’ve been living on Mars, you and most gun owners know that Taurus got dragged into court a lot a few years ago with many a class-action lawsuit.

They have recalled many of their dangerous guns that don’t always go bang when they should as well as their firearms that sometimes DO go bang when they should not. This article explains what you need to know about the Taurus pistol recall.

Taurus Pistols Recalled

Unfortunately, at the time of our original post, Taurus Guns’ Facebook, Twitter, and website did not have any information about this voluntary million-gun-recall. There is a Taurus recall forum and a Taurus recall website though, from which you can get the latest update on the Taurus recall status.

The recall included nine of their more popular handgun models manufactured between 1997-2013, namely:

  • Taurus PT 111 Millennium
  • Taurus PT-132 Millennium
  • Taurus PT-138-Millennium
  • Taurus PT-140 Millennium
  • Taurus PT-145 Millennium
  • Taurus PT-745 Millennium
  • Taurus PT-609
  • Taurus PT-640
  • Taurus PT-24/7

Once the recall period for the pistols started in the fall of 2015, all transactions were held by a third party, rather than Taurus.

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Why Does This Matter?

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No doubt, this was a big blow to the ailing gun manufacturer who just can’t seem to get their act together in producing decent and reliable semi-automatic pistols.

What are Semi-Automatic Pistols? They are pistols that fire a bullet with each trigger pull, then prepares another discharge right after.

At the time, some have estimated the total cost for the company to be somewhere near the 50 million dollar mark.

That is, once the recall is over and everyone, including attorneys, have been paid. While a settlement is nice and all, not everyone got covered by this.

Woes of a Company with a Lawsuit

To make matters even worse for them, why would anyone want to buy a gun from a company with a class-action lawsuit and who needs to recall that many Taurus pistols? I know many law enforcement officials who chose Taurus firearms.

Imagine what they would say if they heard about the settlement Taurus is providing for their faulty firearms. Oh, I know why. Because, even though they “voluntarily” recalled almost a million firearms, Taurus said that the pistols on that list didn’t have any defects…

You know, because those accidental discharges that could have killed someone don’t mean squat. And because companies recall products without defects all the time.

A trigger that fires when you don’t hold it is a really dangerous thing. Handgun models are not supposed to work like that.

Public Apology in Order

Taurus, I have a novel idea that goes something like this: Admit that your Taurus pistols were faulty, then apologize for it and let the gun community at large know how very sorry you are.

Also, let us know that a Taurus pistol recall will never happen again. Don’t say that the guns didn’t have any issues when it is apparent that at least some of them did.

If a gun fires the trigger by itself, there’s something inherently wrong with your production.

Our Suggestion

Will you lose some customers along the way? Sure!

But, at least you’ll save face with the unforgiving gun community. Then, after you’ve made a better product, prove it to us by sending them out for gun review.

After a while, you’ll be able to gain back some of the customers you’ve lost, while gaining new ones once you make a superior product. You can’t rely on settlement after settlement alone because that is a bad business practice.

This story first broke somewhere else, first. Here is the link to that original story on Taurus pistol recall. Make sure you read it because they covered some details that I left out.

For more information on the Taurus pistol recall, here’s a video from Stout Sportsmen:

In the end, all we want is a reliable gun for self-defense from a company who won’t lie to us and tell us one thing, when the facts show otherwise. Safety is an important factor that consumers consider for certain firearms.

When you’re ready, Taurus Handguns, I’ll be here. Ready to write up your first gun review.

How do you feel about the Taurus pistol recall? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note: This post was first published on April 17, 2018, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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