The $64 Million Dollar Question: Why Have There Been No Arrests Of Anyone Who Attacked The Kid In Kenosha?


You’ve very likely heard the story of Kyle Rittenhouse and the shooting of three people during the rioting in Kenosha, Wisconsin on August 25, 2020.

The story is a terrible example of the violence and destruction that leftists are inflicting on America right now.

Now, what you may not know if you only watch mainstream media news sources, is that, like Nicholas Sandmann in January 2019, more video of the incidents in Kenosha are showing that Rittenhouse is the hero while the attackers are the criminals. Of course, the mainstream media have done their best to jump to immediate conclusions without all (or even most) of the information, and they’ve tried to throw Rittenhouse, and gun owners with him, under the bus.

But as more information about the whole incident comes to light, the question that begs answering is: “Why have there been no arrests of anyone who attacked the kid in Kenosha?” Dean Weingarten writes,

Numerous felonies appear to have been committed against Rittenhouse by the three attackers. One attacker, Anthony Huber, is dead.

As there were multiple, coordinated attacks, they could be charged with conspiracy to commit a felony, under Wisconsin statutes 939.31.

The first, unknown attacker, clearly committed battery against Kyle Rittenhouse with the flying kick attack; because it was countered, the damage may not have been great, making it a Class A misdemeanor under Wisconsin statutes 940.19.

Huber committed a battery, but Huber is dead, so he will not be charged. Because he died, however, in the commission of a crime, the other two combatants may be charged with felony murder, Wisconsin statute 940.30. All three attackers were acting in concert, so the felony murder statute is likely to apply.

Grosskreutz could be charged under the endangering safety by use of a deadly weapon, statute, 941.20, for his actions with the semi-automatic pistol. 941.20 has an exception for defense of privilege of self-defense, or defense of others, which Grosskreutz might claim, and which Rittenhouse is already claiming in his lawyers’ statement.

The Kenosha County Prosecutor has decided to press charges against Kyle Rittenhouse, and not against his attackers. This shows a reluctance, almost certainly due to political pressure, not to charge the rioters. All three attackers appear to be from Wisconsin, so there is no interstate nexus for federal charges, unless it can be shown that they received funding or direction from out of state, which would be difficult to prove.

The case shows the incredible power of prosecutors to decide who will be charged, and who will not. The voters have the ultimate authority to place or remove prosecutors. Prosecutors are almost never removed unless their crimes are blatant.

Frankly, the more information which comes to light, the more likely that lawsuits in Rittenhouse’s favor are to occur. And I hope that he wins them all.

Along with those lawsuits, though, we should demand justice for Rittenhouse, and demand that charges be filed against those who initiated the violence in the situation while the charges against Rittenhouse are dropped.

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