The 5 Best Pocket Sized Pistols Available

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Feature | A man legally carries a firearm in his pocket for protection | The 5 Best Pocket Sized Pistols Available

The best is subjective, but these 5 best pocket-sized pistols won’t disappoint. Check them out!

Best Pocket Sized Pistols: A Handgun Review

Pocket gun | The 5 Best Pocket Sized Pistols Available

The gun you carry could be the difference between life and death, so we give you the best pocket-sized pistols. For personal defense, pocket-sized pistols give you an advantage and a fighting chance.

We’ve already covered which handguns were the absolute best in the industry for new shooters. Now, let’s talk about the best pocket-sized pistols available on the market for those who want deep concealment.

Pocket pistols are a great choice for both pocket carry and concealed carry. You can’t very well carry your rifles around now, can you?

Before we get to the actual list of the best pocket-sized pistols, however, let’s look at why I chose these specific firearms. First, the term “pocket pistol” means different things to different people.

Basically, my definition is this: Very, very small gun with a barrel length of about 3 inches or less. They are usually small enough that you could buy a pocket holster and stick it in your pocket.

These are in no particular order, just some of the best pocket-sized pistols out there. If I can’t find my rifles, I’ll always have these on hand.

What I’m looking for here is the biggest projectile possible, with safety features and the added bonus of being able to send more rounds down range. Ya know, in case you find yourself attacked by a horde of hungry zombies, you just whip out your concealed carry pistols and aim down the sights.

Let’s get this list of the best pocket-sized pistols started!

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