New 9mm Pistol From FN America


One of the great things about the gun industry is the constant new ideas, options, and models that become available. There is always a new firearm or modification to find out about and, if it catches your attention, to buy.

One new firearm on the block is a new 9mm pistol model from FN America. With a four inch barrel and weighing in at 26.9 ounces and a capacity of 10 or 17 rounds, this pistol has the potential to be used in a variety of situations. A recent article at the NRA’s Shooting Illustrated site gives us the details:

FN America is expanding the range of the company’s FN 509 pistol product line with the latest color variant, a full-size, flat dark earth (FDE) model. The new FN 509 Standard FDE joins line of striker-fired 9 mm pistols that includes the FN 509, FN 509 Midsize, the FN509 MRD and FN 509 Tactical. 

Inspired by the design of the FNS Compact, the FN 509 benefited from the internal and external changes that FN made made to meet the rigorous performance standards of the MHS (Modular Handgun System) competition for the U.S. military. The FN 509 was further refined and developed by industry experts to deliver maximum results, on-demand and on-target. Over the course of this development cycle, the FN 509 platform was tested extensively for reliability, ammunition compatibility and durability, resulting in more than one million rounds being shot to ensure maximum reliability.

Each pistol in the 509 line features FN’s signature cold hammer-forged barrel with recessed target crown and enhanced slide serrations for easier slide manipulation. The aggressive grip texturing to ensure a secure grip in the shooter’s hands. The new FN 509 FDE, derived from a multi-year development effort to perfect its line of polymer pistol, is FN’s most-tested platform to date.

Another nice thing about this model is the the MSRP is $679 which means the street price for this model will likely be very reasonable.

So, if you’re in the market for a 9mm pistol, this may be one to take a look at.

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