Naroh Arms Releases Their First Pistol


One of the nice things about the firearms industry is that companies are always looking for new designs, innovations, and models. And, while many companies already have different types of firearms already out, occasionally, a manufacturer decides to move into a new market.

This is the case with the N1 pistol from Naroh Arms. The N1 is Naroah Arm’s first handgun. A writer going by Benjamin F gives us the details:

Naroh Arms has reported that they will be releasing their first handgun, the Naroh N1, at NRAAM 2019. Until now the company has specialized in providing high-quality machined OEM components. With this release, they are broadening their base. The N1 is a subcompact 7+1 9mm Luger handgun, designed for concealed carry. While Naroh has not yet released the overall height, the pistol’s overall length is just 6.1″, making it ever so slightly shorter than the Glock 43 while carrying a single extra round.

All N1 pistols will include a Naroh signature red trigger.

The N1 will come with their own in-house white 3-dot sights but are compatible with Glock 34 aftermarket sights. This choice means there will be a large amount of aftermarket sight options to choose from for the N1.

Note the 3-dot sights and aggressive looking slide serrations.
Naroh has taken to heart many of consumers demands for their carry handguns, and the N1 shows it. The N1 will not require a trigger pull to disassemble, has front and rear slide serrations, and a Picatinny (1913) rail. While Naroh Arms has not yet listed the N1 for sale, they have listed an MSRP. The N1 has an MSRP of $399 with a black finish or $410 with a stainless steel slide.

Naroh will offer both flush-fit and extended floorplate 7-round magazines.

The Naroh N1, a 9mm pocket pistol, is the first fully developed in-house firearm project from the company. Packed with innovative features and unique design choices, the N1 is sure to become a quick favorite for concealed carriers and handgun enthusiasts alike. This micro-compact 9mm handgun has a 3.125″ barrel and an overall length of 6.1 inches. It weighs 16 oz unloaded, and includes flush fit and extended floorplate 7-round magazines.

The features of the N1 make it an appealing option for concealed carry. It features front and rear slide serrations for ease of manipulation. The N1 has a 7075 aluminum hard coat anodized receiver with full length slide rails and a 1913 accessory rail. All internal components are coated for corrosion and wear resistance. It features glass-reinforced polymer grips that are gunsmith replaceable.

Sights on the Naroh N1 are polymer 3-dot (white) standard, but are compatible with G43 aftermarket sights, meaning there’s already a ton of options upon launch. Naroh’s pocket gun is double-action only (DAO) with an internal drop safety, and best of all, no trigger pull is required to disassemble. The N1 will have two finish options available when it launches at NRAAM – both options will feature Naroh’s signature red trigger and black polymer grip module, standard. The first finish option will be black FNC coating on the slide and barrel, while the second is a sleek silver stainless slide. MSRP for the N1 will be $399 and $410, respectively.

So, if you fancy something a little different (and that will stand out at the range with that red trigger), the N1 may be worth taking a look at for your next concealed carry weapon.

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