Criminal Breaks Into House, Immediately Regrets It


One of the favorite lines that anti-gun people like to say is that nobody needs an assault rifle (whatever that is), and, by that, they typically (and ignorantly) mean that no one needs an AR-15. Then they go on to generalize that nobody needs a gun (but that’s a whole other article).

Of course, all of those anti-gunners have never been in the situation that an Ocala, Florida homeowner found himself in recently. You see, this man found an AR-15 very useful as a self-defense firearm. The would-be burglars, it would seem, didn’t appreciate that the homeowner had one. Austin L. Miller gives us the details:

Marion County sheriff’s officials say a homeowner armed with an AR-15 shot and killed two intruders and was injured himself during a home invasion robbery in Summerfield Wednesday night.

Two other robbery suspects — Robert John Hamilton, 19, of Ocala, and Seth Adam Rodriguez, 22, of Belleview — were detained near the scene, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

Nigel Doyle, 22, of Summerfield, and Keith Jackson Jr., 21, Ocala, were killed. The homeowner, whose name was not released by the Sheriff’s Office, was in stable condition at a hospital Thursday afternoon.

Rodriguez was arrested on charges of murder and home invasion robbery with a firearm. Hamilton faces home invasion robbery with a firearm. Both men were being held in the Marion County Jail without bond.

Now, in case you’re wondering: Yes, the would-be robbers were armed with firearms when they broke into the home. This appears to be a very clear-cut case of self-defense on the part of the homeowner. In fact, detectives said that no charges are being pressed against the homeowner.

So, show this story to your anti-gunner friends because it’s very clear that this homeowner didn’t use his AR-15 to commit some kind of mass shooting. No, this was purely a case of self-defense which proves that the type of firearm doesn’t determine how a firearm is going to be used.

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